Packing for the Paranoid

I’m about to go on two trips back-to-back. One is for work and one is a family vacation!  (So my posting might be sporadic in the future, if I even post anything at all… We’ll see) 
But I thought I’d share with you guys how I plan and pack for a trip! (Since I’m gonna be doing it anyway thought you guys could watch)

One thing I’ve learned to do well since becoming a nanny is packing. I’ve packed going back and forth on trips home, on an earlier work trip to Pittsburg and for the kiddos several times. 
Also if you guys know what kinda car I drive packing as light as possible is like a most!

So I’m just gonna go through my check list and… yeah!

1. Prep List- 

This is probably my fav part! (I know I’m weird) Lists just give me a comfortable, prepared feeling. Plus I love putting outfits together and coming up with a theme for my trip. (Again I know I’m weird) 
So this is really just planning your wardrobe. I throw together outfits and makeup looks for the whole week. And I try to reuse shoes/makeup products as much as I can so I’m not packing a ton of stuff. But definitely a different outfit everyday. 
My first trip is going to involve a lot of outdoor time so my theme is comfortable, practical and durable. My second trip is to Florida so I’m going with cute, cool and summery! (So excited about second trip!)
2. Packing-
Now comes the work! I rolled and fold my different outfits together putting my makeup/undergarments/soap in the middle so everything is tight and organized. (I put my makeup/soap products in plastic bags just to be safe. Especially for my trip to Florida since we’re flying and I don’t want anything to burst)

Shoes go in the bag first to give your bag a firm foundation. Then just layer your rolled clothes on top of that!
On top of that put whatever you couldn’t or didn’t want to fold into your clothes. Electronics, cords, books, last minute things, etc.

For my camping trip I’m using my Mini Duffle Bag (Love this bag!) and then for my Florida trip I’m using my little suitcase. But packing wise is pretty much the same for both.
3. Double Check List-
Last step is just double, triple check your list to make sure you got everything!

And you’re all done!

Oh almost forgot! The traveling outfit!
4. Traveling Outfit-
This is vital! The camping trip involves several hours in the car, while the trip to Florida involves navigating O’Hare Airport and making it through security! Neither of which is very fun if you’re not dressed accordingly.
I’m just gonna tell you my tips: shoes that slip easily on and off, comfortable pants, and a loose shirt! 
And for airport ease I try not to carry anything onto the plan that doesn’t fit into my purse. I do not want to struggle with a carry-on! But that’s just me.
Don’t know if this was interesting or not, but that’s my prep for a trip. 
Did ya think it was interesting? Do you guys have some secret, better way of packing? I would love to know!
And just out of curiosity what was your favorite trip ever? (family or otherwise) 
Lots of loves,
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