Planning an International Trip

Did I say “international”? Yes, yes I did! My younger sister and I have been talking about taking “the trip” (the international trip) for months now, but it’s officially official cause we’ve bought the tickets! As Taylor aptly said, “There’s no going back now.” (Actually there is since I bought insurance on everything just in case one of us got sick or something. Though I’d be have to half dead not to go)
But where are we going…
I don’t any of these photos.
Yep that’s right! The U.K.! I can hardly believe it. As someone who is obsessed with all thing British, Irish and Scottish (Tay is much worse) and as someone who has never left American soil, this trip was daunting and exciting to plan.
I’m just gonna give you guys a brief look at our trip as it stands and some of the things we had to figure out to make it happen. (Of course as time gets closer to “the trip” we’ll talk more about it. Who’s excited?)
  1. When to Go
A basic google search here people. I googled the best time to visit London and June was the answer. The gardens will all be in bloom and though it’ll probably be wet- It’s London! When is it not?
  1. An Unexpected Stop
So London is a big vacation destination and visiting it can be pricey. At first the plan was to fly directly into the city but upon further research we learned it was cheaper to fly into Dublin. So we changed our plans and decided to stay a day and a night at the beginning an end of trip in Dublin. We’ll take the ferry across to Holyhead and the train into the city. Doesn’t that sound like fun?
  1. Passports
Like I said neither my sister nor myself have ever taken an international trip so naturally we needed to get our passports. I thought this would be a long and troublesome process… Yeah not really.
  1. The Social Aspect
In the day and age we live in our cellphones are handy tools and I was anxious to be able to use at least my maps overseas. But frankly the train, airplane, museum and tour tickets are all electronic (which I love!). Hence why we rented a Teppy! It’s a small WiFi hotspot that fits into your pocket. It cost us $69 to rent it for the week for unlimited internet They send it to us 3 days before our flight and when we get back we have two days to return it. Cool, right?
  1. Actually Booking the Trip
Last Sunday was the official book-it-all day. This was after weeks and weeks of careful research into hotels, inns and flights. (You guys know I love research and being overly prepared)
In Dublin (both coming and going) we’re staying at an inn in the heart of the city. We also opted to stay in the heart of London. It was slightly more expensive but we’ll save on travel and time. We’re literally a 3 minute walk from everything.
  1. What to Do, What to Do
This is the fun part! We already have several tours and sights on our list. But if you globe trotters have any suggestions or things we can safely skip, please leave ‘em below.
Well guys be prepared to hear a lot about this for the foreseeable future!
Lots of loves,
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