Must See List 2019

Another year, another list of movies to see. Below is my current Must See list of 2019!
  1. Lego Movie 2
Release Date: 2/8/19
Everything is awesome! 
When the first movie came out I was very hesitant to see it as it looked super cheesy, but it was… well awesome and cheesy! The Lego movies that have come out sense then haven’t quiet measured up to the original, but this second installment looks as silly and ridiculous as the first. And it comes out tomorrow! (Ya know if ya need something to do)
2. How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World
Release Date: 2/22/19
It’s all over… And I am extremely sad. I still remember seeing the first movie in theaters with my sisters and then watching every single TV show and series (plus the second movie) My favorite character would have to be Toothless followed in quick succession by the Twins (Ruff and Tuff) and of course chicken. (I love chickens!) This movie is probably going to break my heart, but I also can’t wait.
3. Captain Marvel  
Release Date: 3/8/19
I was, at first, wary of this new hero as most likely she’s here to replace Chris Evan’s Captain America. But once I saw the trailer I was ready to dive in face first! One it’s got Coulson (a young and alive Coulson), plus Nick Fury with an eye and the Skrulls are the bad guys!!! If you guys know anything about Marvel you know how awesome the Skrulls are. Like if the planet has to fall to anyway (sorry Thanos) the Skrulls would be the race to do it.
4. Avengers Endgame 
Release Date: 4/26/19
Speaking of Marvel, I foolishly thought I was ready for Avengers InFinity War… Yeah everyone I thought was gonna die didn’t and those I thought were gonna live died… I’m so not ready for this… But bring it on!
5. Godzilla: King of Monsters
Release Date: 4/31/19
So growing up my younger sister went through a stage where Godzilla was the only thing to watch… I have seen every Japanese, English dubbed Godzilla movie ever. Naturally this corruption has followed me into my adult years. I loved the last Godzilla movie and am excited to see the next installment.
6. Spider-Man Far From Home
Release Date:7/5/19
Spider-Man is my favorite super hero hands down and frankly the earlier attempts at putting his character in movies weren’t the greatest. Don’t get me wrong there were some aspects I loved! But in the end they made Peter grow up too fast and lie about everything and all he seemed to think about was his love interest… And his villains weren’t really that scary (except for the Green Goblin- His laugh/scream… terrified me) I love, love, love the current direction they’re going with the character and if the trailer is any indication this movie is going to be awesome!!
7. Downton Abbey the Movie
Release Date: 9/20/19
For some reason I am always way behind in the curb when it comes to popular things. (Not that I really care but is kinda funny) For instance I only just watched Downton Abbey last year. (Yeah just last year) But I watched all six seasons in like a month, it was that good! 
They left everyone in a good place when the series ended: Anna and Bates had a son, Mary and Henry were expecting their first, Tom and Sybbie were home, Carson and Mrs. Hughes were married and happy, Daisy finally has her head screwed on right, Mrs. Patmore was flirting with Mr. Mason (or the other way round, or both), Thomas is head butler, Robert and Cora are safe and content (with their cute puppers) Molesley and Baxter were flirting, Granny was her amazing saucy self, Lord and Lady Morton were happy (and alive) and dear Edith was finally set! Please don’t destroy this for me!!
There you have it, my current Must See list. What’s on your list? What can’t you wait to see? Leave it below!
Lots of loves,
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