Being Single

I’ve been planning on writing this post for awhile and it seems very apropos to write it now. (Happy Valentines Day!)
Let me first say that I have finally (finally as in the last couple of months) come to the realization that I like where I am right now. Personally I don’t think I’m ready to date. I’m enjoying life as a very single 22 year old, who’s spreading her wings for the first time.
Does this mean if Mr. Right (or just a normal guy) asked me out I’d say no? No, I don’t think so (I mean it depends on the guy) But the pressure, the hunt for a dude if you will, isn’t there anymore. And it’s such a relief! 
There are times I get lonely and I would like a friend who I can be my complete self with. (Not that I don’t have family and friends I love being around) I think there’s a desire in most all of us to want a companion to share life with. But I’m learning to love who I am right now and to wait where God has me. 
There are times when you can’t understand why you cannot do what you want to do. When God brings a time of waiting, and appears to be unresponsive, don’t fill it with busyness, just wait.
-Oswald Chambers
My Mom always told me, but it wasn’t until recently it sunk in,  “That life won’t always be this way.” In the end I want what God has in store for me, because whatever (or whoever) is so much better than what my imagination can come up with.
Lots of loves,
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I am a twenty something year old live-in, Christian nanny. Basically a modern day Mary Poppins. If I'm not chasing around six amazing kids I'm writing my blog or the handful of novels I have going; reading (a lot), baking, eating (a lot), or going on exciting adventures. All of my misadventures I share here with you guys! So grab ahold of my umbrella, something's about to begin.

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