Establishing a Signature Look

This is such a daunting task, whether you love fashion or hate it with an everlasting vengeance! (That escalated quickly) To be honest I have been hesitate to accept the idea of a signature style and instead jumped from one trend to another. But I’ve also come to realize the most stylish women in history have a “signature look”. (I mean you hear their names and you instantly conjure up a picture of them: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly just to name a few)

And I also started to realize that we all kinda (to one extent or another) already have a style of some sort. We just sometimes get caught up in the vogue thing or trend, and that can easily drown us out. I’ve been guilty of this for years, wasting money on clothes I didn’t love and only wore once before getting rid of. That is not a good strategy! Better to own five things you love, than 5 billion you just don’t like. (Yes, this includes things you loved on the hanger but hate on you)
I say all this because I think we’re gonna start a mini series on… (Can you guess?) Establishing a Signature Look! (Who’s excited? ME!) We’ll talk clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup- The whole 9-yards! I’ll be working on fine tuning my style and will hopefully pass on some tips and tricks to you guys. (We’re going to look fabulous when we’re done)
Let’s go ahead and dive in by listing a few key pieces. Pieces we know we love:
  1. Jeans
Workshop “Stripped” Shirt, Kate Spade+Keds “Dancing Dot” Loafers, Ralph Lauren “Black” Coat and Levi’s Mid-rise Skinny Jeans
And not just any jeans. I’ve personally learned that Levi’s vintage jeans are my jam. 
2. Simple Gold Jewelry
This one was a struggle for me. For some reason I thought I needed to wear jewelry and like it… But I just don’t. My gold ring, my earrings and a delicate gold necklace is all I need. 
3. Curly Hair
Workshop “Stripped” Shirt, Kate Spade+Keds “Dancing Dot” Loafers, Ralph Lauren “Black” Coat and Levi’s Mid-rise Skinny Jeans
I mean it’s gonna be that way anyway; big, frizzy, unruly mess.  Might as well work with it. Another thing I’ll never change is my bangs. I tried once and it did not look good… Like at all. 
4. Naturally Inspired Makeup 
I love makeup! I love trying new things and experimenting, but I’ve come to realize that I look best when my makeup is simple and fresh or clean looking (if that makes sense). It’s easy to pair that with a bold lip color!
5. Stripes/Polkadots
Workshop “Stripped” Shirt, Kate Spade+Keds “Dancing Dot” Loafers, Ralph Lauren “Black” Coat and Levi’s Mid-rise Skinny Jeans
Not on everything mind you, but I do love a got striped shirt or a polkadot pair of shoes.
6. Kate Spade
Kate Spade “Black” Crossbody Bag (Not exactly like mine but still super cute)
Basically anything by Kate Spade! If ever I could find one brand to sum up my personal style it would be Kate Spade.
Remember that these are my key pieces and that yours may be totally different. You might like sweats, t-shirts and baseball caps, even these can be the building blocks for a Signature Style. But we’ll tackle more on this subject later. 
What are your key pieces? Or do you already know your signature look? (Pass on your wisdom, please!) I’d love to know.


Lots of loves,
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