Planning a Baby Shower

What happens when your big sister announces her arriving bundle of joy? You get to work planning a killer baby shower! (I have to start my aunt-ness of right, right?)
Like my upcoming trip to London, you’ll get another post about the shower down the line. But let’s run through a quick checklist of how to get a shower off the ground.
  1. A date
My sister is due in July which means a Spring shower! (Very appropriate I think) Since it’s a shower for my sister I had to make sure the date worked for her and the venue. Let’s just say we juggled at first with this one.

  1. Invites and Invitations
I have never been one to think you need to invite everyone you’ve ever known to your shower or other important parties. (But then I’m a shy and private person) But again it’s your shower so invite whoever  you want! Whether it’s 3 or 30. (There you have my permission)
  1. The Key Thing (What’s Most Important)
So when you think of your baby shower what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? The venue, the guest list, or my favorite, the food? Whatever it is that is your starting point. Build your shower around it. Focus on what makes you happy.
  1. Theme
Now you don’t have to a theme, but boy do they help! Again focus on what you like… And how you want the nursery to be decorated, cause it’s so nice to use the decor from the party in the nursery. (I mean you’re buying it anyway) 
  1. Food
So are you going for a full meal? Or a more relaxed and casual feel with finger food? Is the desert big, small or not at all? (Did you see what I did there?)  I found it cute to tie in the theme with the food as much as possible so you could use the food as decor too!
  1. Decor
As previously stated buy decor you could easily use again in the baby’s room. Stuffed animals, signs, candles, blankets, etc. Make as many personal touches as possible. Again make it the way you want.
  1. Games
So I have to be a little tight lipped about this one but no one likes a boring shower. Have a few games and prizes planned. Also don’t forget the party favors! (A pro tip you can use the prizes and/or party favors as decor too)
This was one of the themes I loved on Pinterest- The Rustic Lemon! Pinterest is you new best friend when planning a shower!
  1. Have a Good Time
The most important part… Make sure the Mom-to-be has a great stress free, food filled day. And that will make it a great day for you too.
Lots of loves,
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