Hello Sunshine!

It’s spring baby, bring on the colors!! This is kind of the perfect mashup of the last two styles we looked at in our mini series Seven Layered Outfits of Spring. It’s the jean-on-jean look plus the trendy yellow and scarf.

Sonoma Jean JacketOld Navy Knotted Mariner Top “Squash”Levi’s 517 Jeans, Floral Scarf (I think I got it @ Walmart), White Buckle Bracelet, Apple+Nike Sports WatchKate Spade+Keds New York Glitter Sneakers, TOMS “Wyatt Blush” Sunglasses 

So basically I took my fav pair of Levi’s, this cool Old Navy knot shirt and these drop dead gorgeous Kate Spade+Keds loafers and layered them with my jean jacket and a colorful scarf. Super simple,super cute- A win, win.

See above info.
I love the way the scarf just adds a whole other feeling to the outfit. Makes it very… Well springy!!

See above info.

 Just as a last idea for you guys, because spring in the Midwest basically equals wind, you can take your scarf and are a cute turban. It keeps your hair nice and untangled and adds a classy element to an otherwise simple style.

Lots of loves,
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