Here We Go!

The day has arrived. I’m officially packed and ready to go! This will be my first trip oversees and like an obsessive weirdo I did a lot of research on packing efficiently. My goal? To fit everything I’d need for 8 days:
(Everything I’ll need for 8 days)
In this tiny suitcase… 
I specifically bought the smallest size to curb my tendency to overpack. But like my Mother before me you’d be surprised how much I can fit in a tiny space. (I own a Mini Cooper after all) 
1.) Packing Jewelry
I don’t wear a tone of jewelry, but when I do it’s delicate and gold. You know easily tangled? In one of the million YouTube videos I watched, a girl carefully wrapped her bangles in tissue paper. It’s ingenious and simple… we’ll see if it actually works.
2.) Packing Cubes
So my boss turned me on to these. They’re lifesavers when packing for the kiddos; each little gets their own cube and it makes  unpacking and repacking a breeze. For it me it keeps my shoes from touching my clothes and provides order to chaos. Just looking at the neat cubes gives my OCD the warm fusses. (I got mine off of Amazon)
3. Folding vs. Rolling
What I’m wearing on the plane.
I know rolling your clothes is supposed to help save you space and keep you’re clothes from wrinkling, but I felt like I got more space just folding them the old fashioned way. Call me crazy.
4.) Toiletries 
This is probably the biggest area where I over pack. So this time around I really tried to keep my self in check and only pack the necessities. (Yes there’s still a ton of crap, but necessary crap) One thing that finally dawned on me was to actually buy a few travel specific size items,  instead of taking a full sized product. Smart right? Like that was the idea… I’m so slow. Plus I got a lot of the travel or sample sized stuff as stocking-stuffers for Christmas from my Mom. (Thanks Mom!)
5.) Rain Boots
A peak inside my carry-on/purse.
Speaking of stocking-stuffers, I’m bringing my Hunter rain boots. I debated on taking them since they take up a lot of space. They might be the least practical thing I’ve packed, but it could also  rain everyday we’re there. (Watch it not rain once) However to get some of my space back I stuffed the  stalks with smaller items like my socks and rain jacket.
6.) Medicine Thingy
Just a quick shoutout to this nifty tool I bought off of Amazon. Last year when my family and I took a trip to Florida on the way back I had an attack from my allergies. (For those of you who don’t know my allergies result in swollen lips, eyes, hands and feet plus hives and tender, enflamed skin… yeah not fun) My top lip started swelling and like a dummy I had packed my meds in my checked bag. Well never again! Now my medicine is always with me.
7. Keep Your Packing List Handy
Pretty self-explanatory, but it’s just so you don’t leave or forget anything in your hotel room. Double check the list, don’t leave it at home.
Well that’s it guys. It all fit as you can see and we’re off to see the wizard. I’ll talk to y’all when I get back!
Lots of loves,
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