Leather Clad

Okay so for the past several months I have been searching high and low for a leather jacket. I knew what I wanted; a vintage biker jacket, and of course because I knew what I wanted I could not find it anywhere! I mean I saw other people, both online and in real life who had it, but obviously I wasn’t going to mug someone for their coat. (I’m not that crazy) But if you watched my vlog last month you know I finally found my leather jacket!(*screaming internally*)

The “mood” kinda comes with the jacket…

Tommy Hilfiger striped shirt, Old Navy “mustard” knit sweater, Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans “white wash”, black booties(have no idea what brand) and vintage leather biker jacket.

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I am a twenty something year old live-in, Christian nanny. Basically a modern day Mary Poppins. If I'm not chasing around six amazing kids I'm writing my blog or the handful of novels I have going; reading (a lot), baking, eating (a lot), or going on exciting adventures. All of my misadventures I share here with you guys! So grab ahold of my umbrella, something's about to begin.

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