What’s in My Book Bag?

I think a better question is what isn’t in my book bag. Over the course of last summer I took to carrying a book bag instead of trying to stuff everything into my purse. And at first that’s all I’d carry around. But summer turned to fall and I found in addition to these items I had like five billion other things to carry around. I tried leaving some of it at home, but of course that’s when I needed it. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. My solution? Carry around three separate bags! Yep I have become a bag lady… If I don’t leave the house with three bags you know something is up. Or that I won’t be gone for long. I am going to do three separate posts on my bags and the first one is my book bag!

The Bag…

First things first I will introduce you to my canvas bag. For those of you who know me I am sure you will be shocked to find out it is Kate Spade. I know… Shocking. I got this maybe over a year ago and am still digging it. Now let’s start unloading it shall we.

What’s in the Bag?

  • Book(books)So at the time of writing this I am between books. Normally I have 3 to 4 books going at one time. Im waiting for two new books to come in the mail. I have really taken my goal of reading nonfiction by the horns… I think now I have a problem. I want to read about everything!
  • Daily Planner- My daily planner(as my faithful followers- love you guys- know) is more like a journal than a planner. I normally fill out after the month has passed as a way to remember what I had done as opposed to what I am going to do.
  • Pencil Bag- Can’t doodle in my journal without my markers and pens. And yes of course I have a Kate Spade pencil case. I mean how could I not?
  • iPad- iPad, laptop… Whatever you’d like to call it. This is my most loved item in the bag(if I had to choose) My instrument of prose and silliness. Just think, without my iPad you guys wouldn’t get to read my weird rambles! Aren’t you lucky?
  • Journal/Prayer Journal- Not featured in this picture, but I also normally carry around my prayer journal and my regular journal, so I can write down my thoughts which tend run rampant if unchecked by the pen.

Whew! One bag down for the count. Stay tuned for the rest of the month for posts on my other bags. How about you? Are you a fellow crazy bag lady? Do you carry your whole house around with you too? I’d love to know that I am not the only one. Don’t forget to sign up for email notifications and follow my social media accounts.

Lots of love,


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I am a twenty something year old live-in, Christian nanny. Basically a modern day Mary Poppins. If I'm not chasing around six amazing kids I'm writing my blog or the handful of novels I have going; reading (a lot), baking, eating (a lot), or going on exciting adventures. All of my misadventures I share here with you guys! So grab ahold of my umbrella, something's about to begin.

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