Christmas Top Ten: Forever Young

For all those 18 and above; this one is for you! Let’s wrap up this series with a bang.(Or at least wrap it up)

  • Paper Pumpkin Subscription- Give the gift of crafting made easy, because everything comes nice and orderly in one box per month. The best part is you can subscribe for a year or just two or three months, totally up to you.
  • Cheese Basket- Who doesn’t love cheese? (I love living in Wisconsin… A land famous for cheese) If however you’re a crazy person and don’t like cheese make up a cookie basket or a meat basket. I don’t know get jazzy with it.
  • Audible Subscription/Gift card– Following the gift that keeps on giving trend an Audible subscription is perfect for the book lover in your life.
  • Twelve Exordinary Women- Our book stocking stuffer for the woman in your life.
  • Twelve Ordinary Men– For the dude.
  • A Night Out- Again quality time is irreplaceable. So make time count and just have fun.
  • Clothes- Socks, sweaters, house shoes… You get it.
  • A Night In- A spa night, a movie night. Ah the bliss! You let them pick the flick and you bring the snacks. Easy-peasy.

And we did it! Merry Christmas everyone! Until next time…

Lots of love,


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I am a twenty something year old live-in, Christian nanny. Basically a modern day Mary Poppins. If I'm not chasing around six amazing kids I'm writing my blog or the handful of novels I have going; reading (a lot), baking, eating (a lot), or going on exciting adventures. All of my misadventures I share here with you guys! So grab ahold of my umbrella, something's about to begin.

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